Hypnotherapy is probably the most effective tool out there to help you reprogram your subconscious and achieve your goals. Wether it is anxiety, addictions, lack of motivation or low-self-esteem, I can help you regain confidence and make radical, positive changes in your life. As a Master Hypnotherapist (EANLP accredited) and NLP expert, I offer the highest standard of excellence in verbal and non-verbal therapy.

Using the most effective therapeutic techniques, I have helped hundreds of clients overcoming stress and anxiety, build unshakable confidence, increase focus and productivity, enhance performance and learning skill, manage pain, lose weight, quit smoking, erase fears and phobias and more. Whatever your goal is, I will help you tap into your own subconscious resources so you can resolve your problem fast.


David Mears world's leading hypnosis and kink expert
David Mears world's leading hypnosis and kink expert

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Private Tutoring

I offer tailored tutoring programs to aspiring therapists and coaches.

As a Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer under the European University of NLP, I have trained dozens of amazing coaches 1:1 in:
- Verbal Hypnotherapy (certified)
- NLP (certified)
- Magnetism, Mesmerism, Fascination (certified)
- Life & Relational Coaching (certified)
- Sexuality: Pleasure, Kink, BDSM

Programs are 4 to 6 months long.
Investments: 10,000€ upon application only.



1. Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is safe in the way that it utilizes natural processes of your brain to reprogram the subconscious. It is nothing more than a theta state (brainwave). You experience hypnosis every day and every night multiple times. You probably use hypnosis as well on other people without being conscious of it. However, in a therapeutic context, it is extremely powerful and needs to be practiced by someone competent.

- You can't stay "locked" in Hypnosis.
- Hypnosis isn't mind control. I don't make you do things. I suggest things. The power of hypnosis comes from your subconscious to accept these suggestions.
- It is not dangerous for your brain (lol). In fact, it is one of the most powerful state to be in as you access both conscious and subconscious resources.
- Every one can be hypnotized. If you have a brain with an IQ sufficient to follow simple instructions and you are a human, you can be hypnotized. However, because we are wired differently, some suggestions work best on some people than others.

2. Can I hypnotize myself?

Absolutely. In fact, you hypnotize yourself every time you dream, daydream or start getting caught up in some thinking patterns (like before sleeping). Learning how to control your minds is paramount in order to achieve your goals.
Doing hypnosis sessions or using a recording trains your brain how to access that state. As you get more and more familiar with the theta state called trance, it becomes easier for you to access it on your own and therefore to modify your belief system at will. This is for me the ideal outcome from our sessions.

3. Can anyone learn Hypnosis?

4. Can Hypnosis help with my relationship(s)?

Relationships are mirrors of ourselves. The way we perceive others are reflections of how we perceive ourselves. Using hypnosis, you can heal wounds and change those perceptions, therefore changing yourself. Relationships are probably the most important aspect of the human experience. Being able to master the art of perceiving ourselves and others through hypnosis can make a tremendous difference on our lives and others'.

Not only anyone can learn Hypnosis, but everyone should learn it. Actually, it should be taught at schools to children. But because our system is designed to keep our capacities very low, it will most likely never happen until long.
Hypnosis, like everything else, takes basic knowledge and dedication to practice. Only practice brings results. Some people, however, use hypnosis all the time, without being too conscious of it. We all use it whenever we try to convey an emotion or influence somebody (and ourselves). Learning hypnosis is absolutely life-changing. Teaching it, even more. I have trained many students and the returns I had are spectacular. You can learn more on how to learn hypnosis here.

5. Can Hypnosis help me becoming more confident?

Confidence is one of the first reason why people come to see me. Again, confidence is determined by the quality of the relationship one has with themselves. Using different techniques, it is absolutely possible to heal this relationship and bring your confidence to the next level so you can finally stop doubting and go live the blissful life you were always supposed to live.