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If you're here it's because you've probably seen me work or came to one of our group sessions and you wonder: how is it possible to make women (or men) feel so good? Is it even legal? Well, in this course I will share with you all the secrets on how to give your partner(s), your lover(s), your friends, yourself and even your clients incredible, mind-blowing pleasure! I will teach you all the techniques I've developed and that are the fruits of years of research and experimentation in the field of hypnosis, psychology, social dynamics and sexuality. Sounds like fun? It is! Follow me!

Wether you are a husband seeking to give his wife infinite orgasms, an established sex therapist or hypnotherapist wanting to get incomparable skills, a Dom, a lover, a mistress, a huntress or even just a curious soul looking to bring excitement and magic back into their life, the knowledge contained in this program will simply blow your mind. By taking the course, not only will you learn how to cultivate pleasure in yourself and others, elicit burning desire and provoke earth-shattering ecstatic responses, but you will also learn how to utilize that orgasmic energy to create positive, permanent changes in your life and theirs. As inhibitions dissolve, you will open yourself to a new reality, literally orgasming your wildest dreams into existence. And this is only the beginning.

Unlock Infinite Pleasure & Limitless Bliss.


✅ Become an absolutely addictive lover.
Have a new appreciation for life as a whole.
✅ Experience increased confidence, brashness, focus & drive.

Experience increased sense of connection to yourself and others.
✅ Level-up as a man or a woman and shape a new reality for yourself
✅ Attract better things in your life and let go of what doesn't serve you anymore (interests, habits, relationships...).

✅ Become comfortable with power and influence.
Know how to anchor sensations & emotions
✅ Know how to trigger orgasms on command

✅ Know how to create new erogenous zones on the body
✅ Have a clear and extended knowledge of what Orgasms are and the importance of Pleasure in a Therapeutic context + life in general.
✅ Be able to hypnotize yourself or anyone using simple, fullproof techniques.

Be able to work with groups + online and get paid for it.
✅ Know how give your partners, friends or clients Full-body energetic Orgasms.
✅ Know how to bring relief to your clients in order to remove blocks.
✅ Use hypnosis efficiently for your Therapeutic practice.
✅ Use Erotic Hypnosis for Pleasure, Sex and Intimate Connection ❤️‍🔥
3 hours+ of video lectures.
✅ The Orgasmic Hypnotist Handbook containing the whole method + scripts
9hrs+ of Live Sessions videos (I will constantly keep adding new ones).
✅ Full word-for-word transcripts of the "Sanah" sessions.
2hrs+ of Mp3s to train your mind on how to become a great hypnotist and a fully-orgasmic being.
✅ Access to TELEGRAM & FACEBOOK group to discuss with other students.



person holding black academic hat
person holding black academic hat

Be part of a Very Exclusive Club.

Did you know that only 18% of women declare reaching an orgasm during intercourse alone? That 10% of women admit never having had an orgasm in their life? That 60% of women regularly fake the orgasm? The inability to experience an orgasm is not a joke. This is a huge emotional and physiological loss. A woman who does not experience an orgasm is more prone to irritability, she cannot relieve stress, produce hormones that are responsible for emotional intimacy in a couple and hormones of happiness. The truth is that most men have no clue or just can't see past their own basic ejaculatory release. Don't be one of those men. Rise above the masses. Understanding and being able to incite uncontrollable orgasms in a woman is like finding the key that opens all treasures. Mastering such skill, witnessing a woman opening up to you completely, fully, mind, body, spirit, all at once is something only a few men will ever have the chance to experience. The female orgasm is a portal to heaven, and here's your invitation. No money can ever buy that feeling, trust me.

Of course, this is not for every one. Mastering such skills require self-control, self-mastery and complete selflessness. Most men don't possess these qualities and would rather just stay where they are, uncontrollably spreading their semen all over the place before passing out while their girlfriend has barely had the time to warm up. If you do not care about the feelings and pleasure of a woman, or if you are just a player or "womanizer" seeking for ways to lure more gullible women with low self-esteem into your den for a night, this course isn't for you.

This course is for the elevated men who are ready to invest time and energy into learning the ways to unlocking infinite pleasure in themselves and others. Guiding women into such states of orgasmic ecstasy, while requiring putting yourself into a place a pure gift, has unmeasurable rewards to it. Beyond the magnificent feeling of getting drawn into their cosmic field of bliss (heaven), you will gain trust and status among the members of the opposite sex, but also amongst other men who will respect you. Women will be drawn to you, interested in you, even intrigued, fascinated. You will detach yourself from the massive majority of insecure cave men whose only goal is to take, take and take more. You will become that guy who gives without even taking anything in return. Just for the thrill of it. Just because it's cool.


Demonstrating Orgasmic Hypnosis at Hedonia World in Izamal, Mexico.

Here are some previews of what the course will look like. By taking the course, you will learn all the techniques and setups on how to bring anyone into such states of orgasmic bliss and infinite pleasure! 

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Level-Up Your Sex Life (Erotica)

Here are some ways to use these techniques in the bedroom (or in public):
- Create new erogenous zones in the body.
- Amplify orgasms exponentially (there is no limit).
- Set up trigger words for orgasms.
- Anchor pleasure, desire and arousal to your voice or gaze.
- Take full control when given the command (BDSM).
- Change persona for role plays or kink, like becoming a mindless doll or nymphomaniac.
- Take them on erotic journeys through virtual worlds and realities.
- Whatever your mind can come up with...

Disclaimer (please read)

The techniques taught in this course are extremely powerful.
However, "a great power implies great responsibilities". The purpose of this course is to spread joy and happiness through the world. Any man who thinks they'll be able to use the teachings of this course to manipulate or hurt women is sick and should be institutionalized. Such individuals won't be able to take anything out of this course and I will expel them from class (community + program) without any refund. CONSENT MUST BE GIVEN AT ALL TIME.


This is more a coaching program than a course. In fact, I have organized the teachings & lessons in themes so that it feels more like a conversation than a boring lecture on hypnosis. The goal for me is for you to level-up and become a better person. By taking this course, you will learn about influence, power dynamics and the nature of true confidence which no other hypnosis program in the world will teach you. This is something completely different from the rest. You will learn the techniques, but they will seem so irrelevant compared to the richness of the social concepts taught here. I wanted the teachings to feel seamless and natural because, in fact, they are. In the end, hypnosis is simply the utilization of processes that are already there. All we do is pay closer attention.

If you wish to formally train in hypnosis, which I recommend but isn't in any case imperative, you can check out my certified Master of Hypnosis Course (coming soon).



Private Tutoring

I offer private tutoring through my Mentoring Program.

The Master of Pleasure is a 3 months long program (and life long access to community and content) during which I personally train you to become a God-Level Lover & Magician. You will learn hypnosis and transform in all areas of your life. As part of the program, you will access all my courses & training videos, as well as secret Telegram groups. This is my high-ticket program. Spots are extremely limited.

Are you a therapist?
Give an incomparable edge to your practice!

Maybe you already are an hypnotist, a sex therapist, a tantra teacher or a healer and you would like to expand your skill set by adding something truly valuable, something that will really make a difference? After learning these techniques, you will be able to help people at a deeper level, with infinite pleasure and bring true magic back into their lives. You will be able to charge way more for your service and stand out from your competitors in a market that is absolutely BOOMING!

The sex-tech industry is a billion dollar industry and people are ready to spend thousands of dollars in programs, retreats and trainings, especially women. I know this first hand. This is THE niche in expansion. Having such an expertise in the field, being able to do what practically no one else knows how to do, this is your opportunity to make a difference. Trust me. This will give you authority. You will be able to lead workshops, group sessions and trainings around the world, in festivals, parties and conventions. What are you waiting for?

It obviously works with men as well.

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