My name is David Mears. I am a Master Hypnotherapist, Coach and a Pleasure & Kink expert. I use verbal and non-verbal therapy to reprogram my client's mind and help them heal, transform and achieve their goals fast.

I started studying Hypnosis after meeting my mentor Seth Grey while residing in South Africa. After my training, I practiced Hypnosis for free for almost two years everyday, helping people from all around the world breaking free from harmful behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs. This is where I started to truly witness and understand the incredible power of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, but also as an incomparable manifesting power.

In reality, I realize that I've been using my imagination all my life to overcome pain, sadness and grief. After mastering the art of Lucid Dreaming, I began to study states of consciousness, which naturally led me to hypnosis. I since then learned from worldwide authorities such as Mark Cunningham, Talmadge Harper and Dr. Marco Paret just to name a few. 

In 2021, during a 9 months period of long-distance relationship with my now wife Taryn Zeya across continents, I developed a technique for trance-induced orgasms using remote hypnosis. This was the beginning of my long journey into conscious sex, tantra, kink and BDSM. After countless of workshops and retreats, I have now fully integrated these elements into my therapeutic practice for the satisfaction of my dear clients.

I am currently based in Tulum, where I conduct group sessions, workshops and  retreats together with my wonderful wife. Together, we have created our own Orgasmic Hypnobreath™ method and we help people access a limitless, blissful life in the most visionary hotels, festival and sex parties all around the world!

We are now in the process of creating safe spaces and containers surrounding sex and trauma healing all around the world through our company Pala Healing™.

We give pleasure healing workshops worldwide
We give pleasure healing workshops worldwide
we educate people in sexuality and conscious kink
we educate people in sexuality and conscious kink

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Certifications & Diplomas

David is part of the European NLP Association and the European Hypnosis Association where he holds the title of Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer.
He studied hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming at the Institute Hypnosis-NeuroScience with Professor Marco Paret.

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